Sunday, August 1, 2010

Who Am I and Why Should You Care?

Welcome to Krav Maga Mama!

My name is Jax, I am a mother, freelance writer, author of my own urban fantasy young adult novel, and practitioner of the self defense system called Krav Maga. Phew! I actually said that all in one sentence. I decided to start my own blog about Krav Maga because, let's face it, I simply couldn't say everything I wanted to say about this wonderful and exciting journey in under 125 characters. I needed to be at liberty to ramble about my progress, challenges, defeats and victories on another platform, hence the blog.

So what is Krav Maga you may wonder? Krav Maga is a fighting system that was developed by the Israeli military in the early 1940's. Its creator, Imi Lichtenfeld, was handpicked by the government to create a practical, highly effective self defense and hand-to-hand combat system for the military such as the Israeli Defense Forces, National Police, and Secret Service. It was based on one's natural reflexes and body mechanics which made it quick and easy to learn by men and women, because it was not dependent on size or strength.

I originally joined this style as a way to lose weight, but soon discovered that Krav Maga became a way of life for me. The challenges I faced every time I went to the gym translated into my daily life, and it helped me respond to any obstacles I faced, dead on, without regrets. My purpose is to inspire and encourage others, especially women, to take charge of their lives and help them release the warrior that remains silently hidden within the depths of their souls. I also hope to amuse and entertain you with stories of my progress and failures, as I embark in unknown territory, living my new life in this paramilitary-like environment.

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Love and blessings,
JAX, Author of Heart of the Jaguar
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