Thursday, February 26, 2015

How Chronic Stress Affects the Body, Part 2: Effects of Toxic Family Environments

Chronic fatigue, depression, joint stiffness, aches and pains, weight gain, destabilized hormones, constipation, compromised immune function all mirrored every single symptom I had experienced in over a span of the last several years.

Dr. Boyd continued, “Oftentimes, doctors will address and treat the symptoms or conditions such as depression and will prescribe an anti-depressant, addressing only the symptoms and not getting to the root of the problem. But even those anti-depressants come with their own set of side effects that may lead to other issues.” His statement rang true as I recalled one of my doctors wanting to put me on Prozac when I complained of constant fatigue. The last thing I wanted was to mask the problem with a drug. I didn’t want that. I wanted to heal my body from the inside out.

He agreed. Most of our issues come from stress. Even the American Medical Association states that 80-85% of today’s illnesses are caused by some sort of underlying stress: physical, emotional, and chemical (such as nutrition or pesticides).

Cancer, Tumors, heart disease, Irritable bowel syndrome, Chrohns Disease, Eczema, allergies, ADD/ ADHD, autism, and obesity are all stress related disorders. If you cannot manage stress, the body will eventually give you signs that something is out of balance.

“Are there people who are more susceptible to stress than others?” I continued.

"Everyone is exposed to stress. But people who work in high stress jobs such as law enforcement, soldiers, teachers, business owners, even moms are at a higher risk as they wrestle with chronic stress every day," he asserted.

“Would people who grew up in toxic family environments where there was domestic abuse, alcoholism, or drug addictions contribute to that as well?” I wondered, considering the environment I was raised in filled with strife, drama, emotional and physical manipulation, and physical altercations-- the perfect recipe for the makings of a writer.
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Center on the Developing Child, Harvard University

“It is very possible, yes, because physical abuse leads to emotional stress and emotional stress is probably the most detrimental of stresses because the stressful emotion can replay itself over and over again in your mind. While being frightened by a barking dog will increase stress for a moment and then return to normal, it is our emotions that stay with us all day and all night long. We tend to dwell on them, which creates the chronic stress. For example... the young child who was physically abused by a parent can easily carry those stresses into adulthood if they do not learn how to deal with the stress. Think about it, is it the physical pain or the emotional pain that will cause an adult to seek therapy or counseling later in life? It is our emotional pain that we carry with us everywhere. If we don't learn how to deal with it... then it is going to deal with us eventually,” he said.

I think I carried that emotional pain with me for many years, which is why I used writing to be able to handle and process those negative emotions; but as the stressors of life increased, it slowly but surely ate away at my health. The unbearable burden of going through a divorce and trying to keep up with several jobs to help raise my little one may have been the breaking point. I remember consistently feeling run down, and no matter how much I exercised, it all seemed to be snowballing like an unstoppable avalanche.

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*Dr. James Todd Boyd is an expert in Chiropractic Neuroscience, specializing in Neurological Stress Reduction Therapy (NSRT) through the use of laser induction therapy or laser acupuncture to help bring the neurological/ immune/ endocrine systems back into balance. NSRT combines biofeedback, laser induction therapy, and nutrition. He has seen much success through this treatment. Allergies have been very responsive with NSRT. They also have the first documented case of having successfully treated a patient with a severe red meat allergy after being bitten by the Lone Star Tick. Until now, there had been no known cure. They regularly see patients with adrenal fatigue, eczema, and even autism with incredible results by simply using the NSRT. Detecting stress and then changing the way the body responds to that stress is key to helping the body get to a state of true health and wellness. You may reach him at his website or his new practice at the following:
Integra Wellness Center
1040 Edgewater Corporate Prkway
Indian Land, SC

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