Sunday, October 16, 2011


Creating awareness regarding domestic abuse is something that is very dear and near to my heart. In honor of Domestic Abuse Awareness month, I wanted to include a piece I did at a reading for a community outreach venue recently.

It is dedicated to women who are in abusive relationships. We often find ourselves asking the question, "In spite of all the psychological and physical violence, why do they go back and choose to stay?" Regardless of the answer I think the real question should be, "How did they find the strength and the courage to leave?"

I wrote this piece in hopes of giving them that courage. My mother survived abusive relationships and having been the oldest in the family I witnessed some of the things she experienced. As a child, I remember feeling so helpless, because there was nothing I could do about her situation. In a way, when I write, I feel like I'm doing for others, what I was not able to do for her, and that brings me some sort of comfort and healing, which is one of the reasons I wrote Heart of the Jaguar (Kindle version here). Not only did I do it to create awareness about how cultural, religious and societal attitudes contribute to the abuse and mistreatment of women, but to empower them and make them aware that they can and must leave a situation that places them in harm's way. Enjoy!

Whenever he tells you you’re worthless,
Don’t claim it.

Whenever he tells you you’re too scared to make it on your own,
Deny it.

If he says you can’t live without him,
Catch your breath... check your pulse…

If he leaves you penniless,
Go to school, get a job.

You CAN live without him,
You WILL live without him,
You MUST live without him.

You’re a survivor,
not a victim...
You’re a survivor,
not a victim...
I said... you’re a SURVIVOR,

Stop waiting for Prince Charming to come along and rescue you.
Prince charming is the one who got you there in the first place.
You’re on your own.

So wipe your tears,
Lift your head up,
Square your shoulders,
And get up off that floor.
Get up...
I said GET up.
Get up DAMMIT!
Get up, GET up, GET UP!!!

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